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JT-810 High Speed CNC Controller



JT-810 is a high-end intelligent CNC controller researched and developed by JIATIE. It can be used in high speed engraving and milling machine, vertical machining center, drilling and milling center, 5-axis or 4-axis linkage machine, etc.

The controller is based on Intel's high-performance quad-core processor and is equipped with DSP and FPGA modules to perfectly realize real-time motion control technology and big data processing functions.

The human machine interface (HMI) is simple and easy to use. It's convenient for users to learn and master the machine operation quickly. The controller panel is in professional and high-end design, which is reliable, easy to use and with strong expandability. It's suitable for customization in different industries.

The controller is equipped with functions of S-shaped acceleration and deceleration control, high-speed high-precision contour accuracy control and 5-axis RTCP control. It can satisfy with various processing requirements of high speed, high precision, multi-axis linkage, etc.

JT-810 controller adopts an open architectural design with strong compatibility and openness. It supports functions of CCD image recognition, probe on-machine inspection/detection, machines interconnection, file sharing, remote monitoring and diagnosis, production data statistics, etc. It provides the machine with platform and comprehensive guarantee for realizing the Internet of Things, datamation and intelligence.



Number of control axes

Three-axis to five-axis interpolation


1.8G, quad-core




8G/16G/32G (optional)


10.4”, 1024*768


Standard 16I/16O, can be extended to   128I/128O

Analog voltage output


Mode of motion

S-shaped acceleration and deceleration,   trapezoid acceleration and deceleration

Interpolation method

Linear interpolation, circular   interpolation, spline interpolation

5-axis tool tip follow (RTCP)


Number of pre-reading segments

3000 segments

G code

Support all standard G codes

Compensation method

Tool compensation, ball screw accuracy   compensation, backlash, unidirectional and bidirectional screw pitch accuracy   compensation

Type of tool magazine

Linear, circular, D-shaped,   umbrella-shaped, chain-type, etc

Tool calibration method

Automatic or manual

File transfer method

Bidirectional interconnect transfer

Coordinate system setting

Support G54-G59 coordinate system,   support 50 extended coordinate systems

Processing technology

Mirror image, rotation, scaling, looping


Chinese / English

Communication interface

RS232, RS485, gigabit Ethernet, USB

Operation auxiliary

PLC, custom macros, subroutines

Human detection and smart standby mode


Network intelligent interconnection


Hand wheel guiding machining

Support trial cut and rollback

Full closed loop control


Power off state cache

Supported and quick recovery of   machining


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